Original Coup Beads  (1953-54)


Red Round                    1 year summer camp

Yellow Round               3 years summer camp

Green Round                 (Originally Taskmaster- Changed to Elangomat in the 80s)

Red Tube                      Lodge Chief

Blue Tube                     Lodge Vice-Chief

Yellow Tube                 Lodge Treasurer

Green Tube                   Lodge Secretary

Orange Tube                 Chapter Chief

Orange Round               Chapter Vice-Chief

Blue Round                   Chapter Secretary

Violet Tube                   Sachem (Adult Advisor)

Violet Square                Past Sachem (Past Adult Advisor)

Blue Square                  Allowat Sakima

Red Square                   Meteu

Yellow Square              Nutiket

Orange Square              Kichkinet

Green Square                Tribal Council Member






Black Disk                    1 year OA

White Disk                    3 years OA

Red Disk                      1 year dance team



Silver Round                 Arrowman of the Year



Blue Disk                      3 years summer camp staff

White Round                 Pre-Ordeal ceremonial part



Green Disk                   Any National Training (includes NJLTC, NLS, Wood Badge, etc.)



Orange Disk                 Section Officer or CVC

Clear Disk                    Eagle Scout



Tan Round                   Troop Representative


The exact year of introduction of the following beads is unknown at this time.

Yellow Disk                  1 year summer camp staff (best guess would be a few years before 1981)

White Cube                   Chans (Brotherhood Nimat)

Black Round                 5 Eagle/Arrow of Light ceremonies

Violet Round                 Originally, denoted a Wisumahi Ceremonial Part - Later changed to Tap Out (most likely created very soon after the original beads were established)